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Original Xhorse  V7.7 BMW Multi Tool OBD2 CAS1-4 Key Programmer Get Free Encrypted BMW CAS4

Original Xhorse V7.7 BMW Multi Tool OBD2 CAS1-4 Key Programmer Get Free Encrypted BMW CAS4

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Free DHL Shipping! V7.7 BMW Multi Tool Key Programmer can support BMW CAS1,cas2,cas3,cas4 and CAS4+ via OBD2 , it is a powerful BMW CAS programmer,better than AK300 , can be updated online.

How to make BMW dealer key with BMW multi tool?

1.Choose CAS or EWS type. It will tips you:


2.Load the choose EEPROM file you will get the make dealer key window:


3.Choose key position and press “Make Dealer Key” button. Flow the given tips to prepare dealer key. After succeed you can save the new EEPROM dump file. For EWS1, EWS2, EWS3, EWS4, CAS1, CAS2, CAS3 type the prepared dealer key can start the engine directly. For some CA3+ type you need to write back the new dump file into car


4.  CAS3 encrypt data, only can prepare dealer key with a working key data.

For more details, you can see BMW multi tool English user manual.

Update information:

BMW Multi Tool V7.6 Update:
1. Fix the bug that CAS4 key won’t work after generation failure. Now, CAS4 key can continue to be used before done, it could be matched for other vehicles.
2. Other bug fixup. 
3.Fix CAS4 make key procedure. If first make key not success, it can be used next time until it make success.
4.Normal bugfix

BMW Multi Tool V7.5 Update tips:
1.Free for all user: Make dealer key for CAS4 encrypt version, support add key and lost all key. No need condor authorize
2.Normal bugfix
BMW Multi Tool V7.4 Update 
1. Fix the error that BMW CAS3+ smart key not work after generation. 
2. Key learning -> fix up smart key change, enable to fix the error that smart key not work.
3. Fix the error that EWS generate dealer key but sometimes not work. 
4. Fix other bug

BMW Multi Tool V7.3 Update:
1. Fix the bug that BMW F Series disable / enable key failure
2. Fix other error.  
BMW Multi Tool V7.2 Update tips:
1.Add change km for CAS4 5M48H(File Change KM->CAS4 (5M48H))
2.Add Disable/Enalbe key for F-Series(Choose BMW F-Series->Key Learn->Enable key/Disable key)
3.For CAS4+ encrypt verison: If you make key with other tool, and the key only have remote, BWM Multi Tool can fix it to working key
4.Normal bugfix
BMW Multi Tool  V7.0 Update tips:
1. This verison need newest firmware V1.0.6 support.
2. Support prepare dealer key for CAS4 encrypt verison. Need working key or ISN or DME/DDE dump file support(Need condor automatic key cutting machine authorize and update newest firmware)
3. Fix bug make key for CAS3+ encrypt verison with ISN or DME/DDE dump file.
4. Add support for lost all key with ISTAP4* while not update CAS FLASH. You can find this in File Make dealer key.
5. Improving display in Hungarian  
6. Update user manual
7. Normal bugfix

V6.0 Update informaiton:
1.Fix bug make dealer key for EWS4
2.Normal bugfix

BMW Multi Tool V5.5 Update Tips:
1.Fix bug while prepare dealer key for some version of ISTAP, lost  all working key
2.Normal bug-fix
BMW Multi Tool V5.3 Update Tips:
1.Hungarian language bug fix
2.Add support to ISTAP 47 version. Even lost all working key.(Also fixed bug prepare dealer key for ISTAP4* version while lost all working key)
3.We add prepare dealer key detail steps(add key and lost all working key) for CAS3+ encrypt version and ISTAP 4* version in user manual Page 36-Page 38. Read it before user this device.
4.Normal bug-fix
BMW Multi Tool V5.2 Update Tips:
1.Add Hungarian language
2.Fix bug display in German and Spanish language.
3.Normal bug-fix
BMW Multi Tool V5.1 Update Tips:
1.Add update function for CAS4 antenna. Help->Device Update->Update CAS4 Antenna.
2.Update the user-manual to 5.1 version, suggest the new customer read user manual first.
3.Normal bug-fix
BMW Multi Tool V5.0 Update Tips:
1.CAS4/BMW F Series prepare dealer key with dump file. You can find the new function in File Make Key. The function need extra-pay a CAS4 antenna.
2.Normal bug-fix
BMW Multi Tool V4.9 Update Tips:
1.Add fix KM in CAS4 and F-Series Instrument with dump file.
2.Fix bug for prepare dealer key while lost all key for CAS3+ 
3.Normal bug-fix
BMW Multi Tool V4.8 Update Tips:
1.Fix bug for software crashed while update device under some network
2.Fix bug for prepare dealer key while lost all key for CAS3+ 
3.Normal bug-fix
BMW Multi Tool V4.7 Update Tips:
1.Update make dealer with programmer while lost all key
2.Normal bug-fix

V3.0 Update tips:
1. The software v3.0 must be run above firmware V1.0.4.
2. You can go to Help->Device Update->Device Update to update your device to the newest version.
3. Once you update your firmware when use V2.5 software. It does not need update the firmware again.
4. add italian and spanish language.
5. Normal bug fix.