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Product Description

Compared SMART ZED-BULL with ZED-BULL, SMART ZED-BULL gain 30% reading and writing speed. SMART ZED-BULL improve the success rate up to 99.99%, which will eliminate the waste of chip.(As we all know, some chip can be written only once)

Smart Zed-Bull with Mini Type Unlimited Tokens

Software Version: V5.08, Hardware Version: V5.02

To Get the Smart Zed-Bull For 7 Reasons

1. No Tokens Needed!
2. New: Support 8C and 8E chips distinguish function

3. Zed-Bull Can Read Pin Code for Hyundai and Kia Now!
4.  Zed-BULL will fulfill all of your requirements as professional on Immobilizer Systems.
5.  Zed-BULL is a transponder cloning device which contains all of Zed-Qx's features and also has more additional features.
6.Language:English, Turkish, Italian, Spanish and Portugues
   Support 8C And 8E Chips Distinguish Function

Zed-Bull Display: 

Please note:
1. It cannot be updated2. It has 500 tokens for one chip,after 500 tokens run out, you shall pay 7USD for another new chip (without shipping cost).
As for the chip, you can get it and change it yourself, or you can send back the device for changing the chip too,but you need to pay for the shipping cost.

Applicable list


Smart Zed-Bull Main feature of ZED-Bull:

1. Finding PIN Code, preparing precoded transponders and programming transponders from EEPROM and MCU.

Zed-BULL PC software is excellent features, it will help you while using EEPROM applications. ECU pictures, which ECU has which MCU or EEPROM and the location of mcu or eeprom on the board, which type transponder will be used... These kind of information will ease your work. With Automatic Module Finding (AMF) feature, when you select the EEPROM file, the module will be recognized automatically
Another revolution of Zed-BULL is programming transponders when there is no key from ECUs. By now, Zed-BULL has 55 different applications and it is increasing... With this feature, you can program transponders, find pin codes and prepare precoded transponders for the cars which need precoded transponders like fiat doblo 48. For this feature, you don't need expensive precoded transponders priced about 8-10 Euro. You can use blank transponders.

2.Transponder Cloning.

11, 12, 13, 33, 73, 4C (writing to 4C electronic key and battery less TPX1 transponder), Philips Crypto 40 (some), 41(all), 42(all), 44(all unlocked VAG), 45(all)
Until now, common transponder cloning tools could only copy fixed transponders. But the revolution that we started with our device, Zed-Qx, is increasing with Zed-BULL. 41(NISSAN), 42(VAG), 44(Unlocked VAG) and 45(PEUGEOT) transponders which normally known as can not be copied, can be copied with Zed-BULL.

3. Producing Transponders for OBD Programming

If you have an OBD device like T-Code Pro, you will need special precoded transponders for some cars. Instead of buying these special transponders for high prices, you can produce them with Zed-BULL using blank transponders. And you don't need expensive precoded transponders priced about 8-10 Euro... The transponders that you can produce: 40, 41, 42, 44 Mitsubishi, 44 VAG, 45, 73 Mitsubishi, 61, 62, 65 and 46 for BMW, AUDI, PORSCHE, CHRYSLER, RENAULT... etc. For now, Zed-BULL has 24 different transponder production applications.
4. Hitag2 Transponder Programmer
If you want to buy a hitag2 programmer as standalone device, you have to pay around 1000-1500 Euro. But when you have Zed-BULL, you will get this hitag2 programmer feature for FREE. You can work on hitag2 transponders and improve yourself on your job.

5. Easy Use with Wide Graphic LCD Screen.

Wide screen of Zed-BULL will show you much more.... With Zed-Bull is wide screen, you can see more information like, VIN number and kilometer info for BMW cars, detailed information for 46 and 48 transponders ... etc.

6.Additional function:

1. Reading kilometer, VIN number and key number information from original BMW key and writing to original BMW remote key
2. Finding PIN code from VIN number for HYUNDAI and KIA
3. PC software includes a wide-range transponder catalog, key fob procedures and more information
4. PIN code finding for 33 Renault and 45 Peugeot from transponder
5. Unlocking the 48(magic II) type locked transponder and make it re -usable
6. Saving transponder information into database including crypto transponders
7. 3 different device case color alternatives (red, black and white).

Zed-bull Specifications:

1.Transponder Cloning;
2.Finding PIN Code, programming transponders;
3.Producing Transponders for OBD Programming.


Q:Can I program Mazda3 2006 key program????
A:Depends on what the chip

Q:Would be worth for you clone a wrench of a BMW 320d Year 2009
A:This tool can be used to clone chips Temic 11 Temic 12 Megamos 13 Megamos 14 Philips 33 Texas 4C You need to find out what type of car it uses

Q:Hello. work for a 2004 renault kangoo key? chip 7946 thank you

Q:Men. For Kia Soul can duplicate do?

Q:Product English menu have

Q:Can programmable remote rang rover sport 2007

Q:It works to bmw z3, Nissan terrano 2 and juke ?
A:You will need to buy additional software. Decoder & tokens. It will identify & test the frequency for the original key but without the software that about it.

Q:Can your zed-bull program COPY 4D , TPX4 ,TPX2,TPX1,TPH1?
A:TPX chips is made of gladd,zed-bull not support it.
Q:When I copy 48 chip,I put chips in,wait about 15 mins,but nothing happen?what should I do?
A:Sorry,sir,it cannot do your chips.
Q:It works for TPX1,but no work on Tiris 4C chip.
A:Yes,it is.We donrsquot have model to transfer 4C chips.
Q:Is it not work for 8C ,8E chips?
A:It can read,but cannot program.
Q:You have told me it is no tokens limited,but whatrsquos wrong with it now?
A:You still can use it,sir,donrsquot worry.Pls ignore it.

Customers Review:

Everything came quickly. The seller is always in touch. I recommend not subspecies. All as indicated. Checked works properly.

Very good everything in order good product quality 

It's working Well. I tested on a few keys

Packing list:

1x Zed-bull main unit
1x PC USB cable
1x power Adapter
1x CD

Contact information:

WhatsApp: + 86 18054815707
For any further help, please do not hesitate to contacst us. 

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Tech Support

How to make Mini Zed Bull read+ write+ copy 4D chip?(Solved)

1.How to make Mini Zed Bull read+ write+ copy 4D chip?

It’s said that Mini Zed Bull is not good at 4D chip? Now it’s not true! This blog will show you how to make Mini Zed Bull read/write/copy 4D chip. Check below:
This solution is tested working but please try on your own risk.
(Thanks f2f2’s sharing from DK forum)
Tool you need:
Mini Zed BullKey Programmer 42.99 USD  + additional 4D chip function!
Program you need to download:
This little program exe make Mini Zed Bull possible to read/write/copy 4D chip. Free download link as below:!Fp5nSRBa!3uX1n79WRX88vJDksDPWrnpFE4sgB7TchtKCe28O9ME
Tested on Windows XP
Read info; Read chip (4D); write 4D works
The PG4 combo box uploads from directory system. (Directory name)
How to install this program step by step?
Unzip the zip file to disk
Connect Zed Bull device with the USB cable
Star EXE list all COM port and Click Start automatic search Zed Bull hardware and create file ZEDBULL.COMPORT
If exist ZEDBULL.COMPORT file and hardware opened okay then no automatic comport search panel
Exe work Read 4D chip; ZEDBULL display RESP data to manual mode edit program RESP textbox
If no exist pg4 data after TPX cloner pg4 read manual mode (COPY 4D; TPX Cloner; .....) pg4 to manual mode edit program PG4 textbox
Pg4 name edit and Click ADD TO DATABASE
All project reload enabled okay
In case of problems emergency exit -> Right Mouse but
If read no correct and cycle read then click Right Mouse; next step Click Reboot; Read chip.
Q&A for you reference:
Q: I have Mini Zed Bull clone but without RJ45 connecter. Does your program work with my zed bull?
A: RJ45 connecter. That’s no problem.
Option1. Right point can be incorporated within MAX232 chip 4 pieces of capacitor.
Connect point 1. GND2. + 5V 3.RxD 4.RxD to Max232 and to RS232 1.RxD 2.TxD 3 GND 4 optional +12V If TPX cloner hardware tape hack.
Option2. Or hack2 no need max232. Zed bull to RS232 connected GND RDX TXD logic0 0Volt Logic1 +5V
Then work TPX cloner, 2 pin build to free RS232 pin.
This 2 version
1. Serial comport mode -9V +9V communication
2. Direct mode without voltage driver chip
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