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CGDI Prog MB Benz Car Key Programmer Fastest Add Keys Supports All Keys Lost

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CGDI Prog Mercedes Benz key programmer,Supports fastest Benz Car key add: collection time 1'50s, password calculation time 40s, 99% get password for one time calculator, it is the fastest key programming tool to calculate the password at present;Supports MB all keys lost;supports models including 211,209,204,207,212,166,246,197,172,164 +, 216.3 ,allows you to calculate the password twice free each day.

Newest CGDI Prog MB Benz Car Key Add Fastest Benz Key Programmer 

  Note: CGDI MB can calculate the password twice free each day for 6 months
After that ,70 USD/6 months, 2 tokens/day.

Top 3 reasons to get CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer:

1.Supports fastest Benz Car key add: collection time 1'50s, password calculation time 40s, 99% get password for one
   time calculator, it is the fastest key programming tool to calculate the password at present.

2.Supports MB all key lost: support models including 211,209,204,207,212,166,246,197,172,164 +, 216

3.CGDI Prog MB can calculate the password twice free each day.

Free Download CGDI Prog MB Benz Monster Software


Q: What keys do they work with only with original or after market keys?
A: It can work with both original keys and after market keys

Q: Is it unlimited?
A: Yes, it is unlimited

Q: Which Windows program works?
A: It can work on Windows 7 8 10

Q: How can i get more tokens for CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer?
A: Factory do not provide CGDI Prog MB tokens alone, if you have CGDI Prog MB, CGDI Prog BMW and CG100 Prog,
and provide the serial number of these three items, factory can add one more free tokens for CGDI Prog Benz everyday, that's to say, your CGDI Prog MB can calculate 3 password for free every day

Q: For CGDI Mercedes Benz is needed to pay 10$/month? Is it possible to use the tool without pay 10$/month?
A: You can use all functions for free in first 6 month since you register it, including calculate two password for free everyday.
    If you do not pay 10USD/Month, you can use other functions well and update the device well, but you can not calculate password.

Q: Can i use CGDI MB and CGDI BMW in same laptop?
A: Yes, you can use them in same laptop

Q:It can do Nec Smart Key for Mercedes Benz year 1997?
A: Yes, it can do this

Q1: need to know more info about yello cable,its to kline butw here to connect it when using obdII and whene using on bdm ?
A1: When using OBD, need disconnect ESL connector and look for K line pin to connect Yellow clip. When using on bench: look for EZS-ELV wiring and plug the clip to kline pin

Q2: what about mileage correction (reset to 0)? vvdi vs cgdi
A2: CGDI can show mileage from EZS, new software come out, updated

Q3: when we have CGDI tool working all by OBD why lads want the tool to work on the bench???
A3: For example if car is some further from workshop and you must spent time driving to the car or customer is just TOO far to drive, so then he can sent EIS or drive by himself bringing EIS it with him at workshop. It's time saver and what if tool will not work via OBD? You will loose many time driving ex. 30 miles x2. If you have on bench, you can work at your place without risk of wasting time. Also calculating psw at the place of car might last 30 minutes, 1 hour in all keys lost? It's much time to sit in the car + you have to take care of battery charger. If you have on bench, you can drink a coffee or a beer if you want and enjoy the waiting time.Still no tool which can do all merc by OBD anyway...

How to use CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer

CGDI Prog MB is able to add Mercedes Benz car keys as well as program new keys when all keys are lost.
Step 1: Click on “Lock (EIS)
Step 2: Click on “Read EIS data”
Step 3: Click on “Computer Password”, then click on “Copy key with key”
Step 4: Click on “Other Keys” (One generation of key 705E6 key), then click on “OK”.
Step 5: Please insert the key into EIS and click OK.
Step 6: Please insert the key into the device and click on OK!
Step 7: Collecting the data, do not remove the key.
Step 8: Please insert the key into EIS and click OK.
Step 9: Please wait for 7 seconds.
Step 10: Please pull out the key from the EIS, and then click OK!
Step 11: Please insert the key into the EIS again and click OK!
Step 12: Unplug the key for 5 seconds, then insert the EIS, then click OK!
Step 34: Select chip type.
Step 35: Note: Smart key please choose 41 format, common key and BE key please choose 51 format!
Step 36: Select the location of writting key, then click on “Open”.
Step 37: CGDI MB Write key success!
Step 38: Password display area, write down the password manually.
BE key read password directly, no need to collect data!

CGDI MB v2.7.0.0 w211 2005 keyless go experience: Works finally

CGDI Mercedes Benz Programmer v2.7.0.0
w211 2005 keyless go
1 key present 59

read EIS ok
collect data, choose key, other keys
voltage v13.51

compute password,,
insert key EIS ok
insert key in CGDI
starting key collection
after a few minutes, message, is the key loose?
press ok
after this message device information failed

sn: unknown
it is like the device is disconnected.

restart program, still getting message device information failed.

disconnect obd, same
disconnect usb restart ok

how can this be, I tried with w7.32 and w7.64
Run admin, no virus scanner
internet connection ok.
voltage 12.5 up to 13.5
even tried with turned on hazard lights.

Reinstalled software, then updated to

I am now reading it as akl.
Disconnected ELV, connected k-line 
This works, takes about 40min of data reading.

CGDI MB v2.7.0.0

CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer Description:

 1. Function: 
Able to add keys on Mercedes Benz and program a new key when all keys are lost.
Add new Mercedes Benz keys: Data acquisition for 1 minute 50 seconds, pin code for 40 seconds and 99% success.
Program a new key to the following models when all keys are lost: 211, 209,204, 207, 212, 166,246,197,172,164+, 216 etc.
2. Workable Benz Car Model:

      Mercedes-Benz A series (2004 -)
      Mercedes-Benz B series (2005-)
      Mercedes-Benz C Series (2001 - , including 210)
      Mercedes-Benz E Series (2001-, including 203)
      Mercedes-Benz CL series (2001-)
      Mercedes-Benz GLK (2004-)
      Mercedes-Benz ML series (2003 -)
      Mercedes-Benz R series  (2003 -)
      Mercedes-Benz G series (2003 -)
      Mercedes-Benz S Series (2001 -, including 220)
      Mercedes-Benz SLK  (2003- )
      Mercedes-Benz SLS (2004 -)
      Mercedes-Benz Vito (2003-)
      Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2003 -)
      Mercedes-Benz Vito (2003 -)
3. EIS/EZS Function:
1). Can read EIS data via OBD, no need to distinguish the EIS/EZS model.
2). Can display the key status and directly disable the key position.
3). Can display EIS Number, can distinguish the Benz model
4). Can display EIS status.
5). Automatically identify EIS model.
6). Automatically identify CAN protocol
4. Programming Key Features:
1). Automatically identify the basic key information (including how many times you used SSID)
2). Can directly read pin code of BE keys via infrared, can erase BE keys.
3). NEC adapter can write the original Benz smart key and common key.
4). Can write the Benz original key via infrared.
5). Can restore the data of key and EIS with the key password.
5. Generate the Key Data:
1) Can generate the key data of HC05/908/912/9S12/NEC EIS/EZS
2) Time: 26 seconds
3) Format: 11/ 41/51 (41 format is smart key data)
6. Infrared Key Function:
1) Can directly read key pin code via infrared on parts of 209/211/220/215 EIS.
2)Can read/write EIS via infrared.

7. Fixed the problem that part of the ISM can not erase;
8. Fixed the problem that some EIS data loading error;
9. Add consumption points to calculate key password mode.
  Consumption points do not have the device expiration limit, when the device expires, it can still be calculated with consumption points. Points will be in the company launched a variety of activities to be obtained, everyone stay tuned!

CGDI MB Prog NEC Adapter Diaplay:


 CG-MB BenzMonster V2.7.1.0  NEW


1.Added function: read FBS4 gearbox basic information

2.Fixed the problom that partial device upload data validation failed


CG-MB BenzMonster V2.7.0.0  


1. Add 169 ELV erase and write function;

2. Add check EIS status function;CGDI MB Prog New Upgrade (2017-11-11)

1. Calculate the erase password function (including the engine computer, ISM computer, EGS computer, ELV)
2. Calculate the key to enable the password function (you can directly use the disable key)
3. Erase the EIS function (support CAN protocol, K-line protocol)
4 write lock data function
5. Write frame number function
6. Activate the EIS function
7. Clear the TP protection function
8. Calculate the key current track code function
9. Add to determine whether the dealer EIS
10. Fix problems that can cause the program to crash under certain conditions
11. Optimization part pop-up prompt box to enhance the stability of the program
12. increase some tips, the operation experience more accurate

New version can renew original NEC mcu now

Packing List: 

1set CGDI Prog MB Benz Car Key Programmer



Thanks to Mr.xxx (DK Veteran), who bought one CGDI Prog MB Mercedes Benz key Programmer and update the feedback with youtube videos.

Here we go in the tone of him:
13th October, 2017:
I order this tool. Waiting of dhl express tracking number! Will test read EZS and calculate Keys to test server, Mercedes W220 2003 Facelift and Mercedes W212 2009.

23rd October, 2017 feedback:
receive CGDI MB

First test Read Blank Key Read Write Erase (Post later other videos Read EZS, ….)

W220 Read EZS and Password from Key

Tested on W212
Read EZS —> OBD work Fine
Calulating PW from EZS —> Work fine Online Server
Key Calculating —> v041 & v051 Work fine online Server

25th October, 2017 feedback: 
Next videos:
Mercedes W212 2010 e250 petrol OK
Mercedes W221 2010 Facelift S600 V12 OK

26th October, 2017 wrote:
(My videos) On the cars all ok.
On all videos add only key with the option “with key”
Do not use “without key”
Test only cgdi tool.

One member test all key lost on w164, he say need wait 66min wait and need the ir emulator key very of put in and out more hundred of times

Company dealer say
In the next 2 weeks will come update and the other grey option will activate.

27th October, 2017 feedback:
Member tested w212 ALL KEY LOST !!! In car, done by OBD
Work realy realy good!
Member say:
W212 is from 2012
Read ezs About 30mins
Upload data
Password given

Read eis info
Paste key password
Then key calculation

Very nice CGDI MB tool 

Many thanks for his feedback, he even promise when he has news he will post.

In addition, CGDI MB tokens:

This device also work with tokens for password online calculation
Here is info from dealer about token for CGDI MB:
free token half year, after that it is free in each day, if u calculate more ,than need to charge 8usd for 30times and 16usd for 60times. Also all key lost need ONLY 1 token.

CGDI MB need improved function and report what work and not for now in this device.

CGDI is new tool, just come to market less than 3 months, what I can see in video and some users posted, report back successful: For me it’s good tool and have many good future.

Even VVDI, and others (more expensive price) have problem when beginning and still have too. The most thing that many ask for is: Absent clearly manual to work correctly on bench: All key lost.

This tool is the best investment return for now even with youth problems.

Thanks to users’ big support, your encouragement is the driving force of CGDI.

CGDI Prog MB Benz Review and Test Report:

Mercedes W221 2010 Facelift S600 V12,ok
Mercedes W212 2010 e250 petrol,ok

W212 read ezs, calculate pw, write Key,ok
Read EZS ---> OBD work Fine
Calulating PW from EZS ---> Work fine Online Server
Key Calculating ---> v041 & v051 Work fine online Server
Mercedes W212 2010 e250 Petrol Automatic works

CGDI MB PROG E250 2010 read ezs by obd calculate keys online read ori key
CGDI MB done W204 all key lost .
CGDI MB Prog Read NEC Chip from Original Mercedes Key
Benz E260 of 11year key added done by CGDI MB fast finish
SLK200 key added done by CGDI MB !super, fast !

-> W203 2004 spare key making:

Total time about 13 minute when begining to programming new key. Read pass NEC key by IR and calculate PSW

 Mercedes W221 2010 Facelift S600 V12 works

Mercedes Benz W166 all keys lost and program new keys, CGDI MB Pro is good choice, here share user manual with pictures.


Select Lock(EIS)


Click on “Read EIS data” then “Computer password”


Click on “Copy key without key” then “Collect Data”.


Prepare to collect data, please wait…


Please insert the simulation key into the lock in 30 seconds.


CGDI MB programmer is collecting data.



Data acquisition succeed, save it by default.


Click on “Upload data” then open the data you saved.


Upload data successfully.


Click on “Query password”


Wait for 2 minutes, query password succeed.


Click on “Lock (EIS)” then CGDI MB display password, copy it.


Click on “Paste password”



mailContact information:

WhatsApp: + 86 18054815707

Email: sales@KeyProM8.com
Skype: KeyProM8.com
For any further help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Scan KeyProM8 QR code to order anywhere and anytime by mobile phone:


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