IKEYCUTTER CONDOR XC-007 Master Series Key Cutting Machine User's Manual(Chinese Version)

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Today a customer encounter problem with IKEYCUTTER Condor XC-007, most of keys he cut is fine, but there are three keys he can not do it, it is 1 Renault laguna 2006 key code is 22343173 . 2nd is 2005 peugeot 206  key code is NN0BPNSPRR and 3rd is 2002 citroen key code NH0CCADCA.

We get the question from him and report to engineer, here is our suggest solution:

1. Renault laguna 2006 key code is 22343173

A: Renault Dealer code often has 8 digits. Take the first 6 digits and reverse to get the bitting. e.g. Dealer code 34213463 = bitting 431243

2. 2005 peugeot 206  key code is NN0BPNSPRR

A: To find Peugeot & Citroen [VA2] key bitting from database:
  Step 1 : Enter database, input all key code, press enter to start search;
  Step 2 : If no results found in step 1, input last 6 chars, press enter;
  Step 3 : If no results found in step 2, input last 6 chars with '1' inserted after 2nd char, eg: 'XX1XXXX'.
  In this case(NN0BPNSPRR):
  Step 1, 'NN0BPNSPRR' - no result;
  Step 2, 'PNSPRR' - no result;
  Step 3, 'PN1SPRR' - key bitting 'PNSPRR' was found.

3. 2002 citroen key code NH0CCADCA

A: Same as question 2, key bitting 'ACDACC' will be found in step 2.

We hope this can help you too. If you encounter any problem when using the tool, please feel free to contact us.