How to choose M8 Dongle & Unlock M8 Key Programmer

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V11.17 M8 Key Programmer With 800 Tokens (Buy Item NO. SK213 : Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer  instead)

V11.17 M8 Key Programmer With 800 Tokens (Buy Item NO. SK213 : Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer instead)

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1. Beta version: V11.17 Standard version: V11.13
Provide customers with all available software for FREE.
2. Cost-efficient design. Offers the same coverage /functionality as the world leading AD100Pro. Support more car modules than other car key programmer.
3. Programs keys and remotes for all makes of vehicles worldwide


Kindly Note: After 2016.8.15, Users need to use new Update Tool to add tokens. Old version cannot function any more!

2.M8 Key Programmer Dongle Choosing:

Dongle A: Available for most of the cars, VW, AUDI, TOYOTA, NISSAN, Alfa Rometoand Bentley.
Dongle B Available old Nissan Immo system till 2001.
Dongle C Available for Honda, Acura and Chrysler Immo system.
Dongle D Available for Land Rover and Rover Immo System
Dongle E Available for Land Rover Immo System till 2004
Dongle F Available for Nissan and Infiniti Immo System till 2004
Dongle G Available for Nissan, Mitsubishi and Renault Immo System, new Ford and Mazda non intelligent Chip Immo system are added
Dongle H Available for Peuguot Citroen and Commodore series(Including Buick Royaum )
Dongle J Avaiable for all Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Rometo immo system  etc, 
Dongle K  Available for GM Immo System
Dongle L Available for all Ford and Mazda Intelligent chip Immo system
Dongle M Available for all Totota Immo system
Dongle N Available for  Honda and Acura Immo System
Please note: It cannot program Toyota h chip and some Lexus c chip.
New version will be released soon, new software will be sent to customers by email.

The MVP Key Pro M8 Diagnosis can support almost all car models from European, USA and Asia, you can downlaod the vehicle list from our website.

How To Unlock M8 Key Programmer

The MVP Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer Vechile List

3.How to read security code by The MVP Key Pro?

We use AUDI A6 as example:

1. Enter the menu and find AUDI A6 this car model

how to read security code for audi 1

2. Choose "immobiliser" on Vehicle selection, then choose "Auto Cluster"

how to read security code for audi a6
how to read audi a6 security code 2

3. Select ECU Identification
ecu identification
read pin code for audi a6 by the key pro

4. Now you can read the pin code
pin code reading by the key pro

4.FAQ: Frequently Asked Question about The MVP Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer

Q1: What language does this machine have?

A1: This machine now only have English language.

Q2: Does it support update? How much is the cost?

A2: It can be free updated online.

Q3: What car models does this machine support?

A3: Car models please download from our website. If you need ask about some specific car models, please inquriy our customer service.

Q4: How many token it will be need to copy one car key?

A4: One car would be need only one token. Not all car models need token, when it needs token the machine screen will remind you.

Q5: What i can do after my tokens run out? Where i can buy it?

A5: Machine has 100 tokens inside it. If it runs out, you can buy new token from our website and we will help you recharge your machine.

Q6: What i can do if i lost my user id? Can i get it back?

A6: Yes, please provide your serial number to our customer service, we will find out the User id for you.