How to add Tokens for FMPC001 Calculator for Ford/Mazda

How to add Tokens for FMPC001 Calculator for Ford/Mazda

FMPC001 Automation Pin-Code Calculator for Ford/Mazda update tool is also for recharging tokens, When tokens are used up, you can contact our cusomter service to buy new tokens. 80USD for 50 tokens.

1. Send us the serial number, then we will contact the factory to add the tokens for you.

2. We will inform you once tokens are added.

3. Finally, please contact the FMPC001 pin code calculator with computer and install the driver, click the update tool to update, token adding is finished.

Free Download: Incode Calculator             Update Tool

2.  FAQ

Q: Hello, I have one of these tools and there really good, i need to know why on the right of the screen it used to say 10 now 5, on the left it used to say 50 now 49, Ok thats tokens, but what is the 10, now 5 on the right?

A: If it prompts "5" on the screen,  pls connect the device with computer, and start the update tool to activate it, then it will go on working.

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