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Latest Reviews
  • Paul, Sep 20, 2019
    Not yet had the time to test everything but I was able to read without problem the keys carriers of several cars
  • James E. Abbott, Sep 20, 2019
    Everything works, as written in the description, the main key chip to put as close to the conductor, in the center of the
  • J Irey, Sep 19, 2019
    Arrived undamaged. After I installed the SW from the CD I had to manually instal the driver from the folder where the SW was installed. Reads keys, will test reading the unit later.
  • Dalene Johnson, Sep 19, 2019
    I bought this key programer since I only received 1 key when I purchased my BMW I ordered the replacement keys from e-Bay and and had them cut for $25 each. After following the YouTube video's I was able to successfully install the software, pull my control unit and code 3 keys. The process not for everyone, but it is not difficult and will save you hundreds of dollars vs taking it to a dealer or key shop. Well work the time i spent and the money of this excellent product.

  • Abimelec Cazarez, Sep 19, 2019
    Worked fine for me. E39 year 2002 EWS3 I managed to add a new key. Had to clean the chip legs on the board.. The whole thing looked like it was coated with something looking like transparent film. Then I had to firmly press the cap ower the chip while reading and writing or else there was no connection with the chip. But finally I am happy with the results

  • vang, Sep 19, 2019
    Arrived early. Worked great. I used on a 2011 Ford Explorer. 10 minutes and done. The process take 10 minutes due to the Ford security protocol. No instructions included. There are plenty of how to videos on the web. Straight forward process. Be sure to ask seller for compatibility with your vehicle. Also, be sure you have a bona fide OEM ignition key. My unit was shipped from Hong Kong (same unit pictured). Again, the unit worked as promised. I hope this helps someone. Like so many people, I purchased a car with only 1 key. Local dealer wanted 300.00 for 2 additional keys and programming. Between the keys and the unit, less than half spent. Maybe I can help a friend or family if in need. If I never use it again, its paid for itself.

  • Adrian McKinney, Sep 19, 2019
    Dealer wanted $300 to program a new keyfob. I bought this unit and a used keyfob for a total of just under $100. had it programmed in less than 10 minutes. I used it again a few months later when we bought another used car. I'm very happy with this unit!

  • John B., Sep 19, 2019
    My biggest complaint - It did not come with any instructions. But after watching a bunch of horrible you tube videos, I got the courage to try it out. I was afraid of completely disabling my truck. It successfully programmed two new key fobs to my 2010 Ram 3500.
    Thank you for all your help and excellent support.
    This is the main reason that makes ANY machine well worth the price is the super fast support where we have problem it was addressed immediately even after hours.
    You have our thumbs UP.

  • Patricia C Geier, Sep 19, 2019
    I have now made a payment and bought the 2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine
    See attached payment.
    Please write a low price on the invoice, 79USD is good for me.
    Thank you in advance for your helpfulness and prompt delivery.

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