2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Car Key Cutting machine
OBD2 XTOOL X100 PAD X 100 Auto Car Key Programmer
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Latest Reviews
  • Roberto Gonzalez, Nov 12, 2019
    This product appears to do what it is supposed to do. In terms of value for money it is the best I could find. Thank you guys! , It worked as expected. Easy to use , clone the id46 fixed chip as in the Renault key success.
  • Jedifar, Nov 12, 2019
    Instructions were straight forward and everything was clear. I had some issues with use it but customer service worked with me to address the issues. The l Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer work great on my 2010 Toyota Corolla le 4 door . Highly recommend!
  • Steven F., Nov 12, 2019
    Watched a youtube video to find the screens to program the new key. Programmed the new key in a few minutes. Very happy.Works just like described
  • Lee, Nov 12, 2019
    Buy it !!! If you follow the directions you won’t have any problems and the seller responds quickly when you have questions. It’s a deal that can’t be beat.
  • shawn kimura, Nov 12, 2019
    Lonsdor KH100 is one of the best I have use for my Toyota Camry 2016, it is amazing. Fast delivery and excellent customer service.. Thank you.
  • Sinem, Nov 12, 2019
    Great product wiTech MicroPod 2 ! I was able to save $$$ by doing a self diagnoses instead of taking it to the dealer. . While it was hard to set up the driver on the computer, I reached out to the seller who then remoted in to my computer and got the software running. Very friend ly,fast response, and ensured my product worked. Would by from again!
  • S. Girt, Nov 12, 2019
    As long as you read and follow the installation instructions, you will not be disappointed. I submitted one question and promptly received a response.Good product, the other function i will try it, then update review.
  • Average Fisherman, Nov 12, 2019
    I followed the seller's instructions exactly and Adjust mileage with no issues on my Porsche Cayenne 2012. Took about 15 minutes . I'm not an expert, I was a little nervous about that . Gladly, just followed the instructions and boom. Done!
  • Taoufik Taoufik, Nov 12, 2019
    Is it ready to use when received or does it have to be activated?
  • whread, Nov 12, 2019
    Arrived very quickly. The product is perfect, very good

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