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Latest Reviews
  • sergio, Oct 17, 2019
    Hola , es posible el diagnostico y programacion de Fiat , que se necesita ? no lo tengo muy claro
  • Michael Coulianos, Oct 16, 2019
    Sending fast delivery is 1 weeks to the kostroma region i take not the first time i recommend everyone
  • Susan Irene, Oct 16, 2019
    Shipping is very fast less than 1 weeks. Track code is tracked. The seller gave a small discount! Thank you for the product!
  • BILLY BOB, Oct 16, 2019
    I order a second time, the product came quickly, i did not try it yet, i will add a review later
  • Joshua, Oct 16, 2019
    Seller dispatched promptly and arrived very quickly. Didn't pay extra fees as well. All ok. For the programmer I have mixed thoughts. Hard to find any news about this tool and can't find any remote to buy to generate. there is no video how it's working with functionality. I tested copy id46 it sniffs and decode really good but didn't ask me to write data on chip so not working or I do something wrong. KH100 it's new tool I hope take time to be popular if will be developed regularly for now better chose is KD programmer
  • Christian, Oct 16, 2019
    thanks i will come back again for another transaction
  • FoghornLeghorn, Oct 16, 2019
    Hi i received my item very fast thanks still i not tested after testing i will feedback again
  • James, Oct 16, 2019
    Once you know how to use one of these, it saves you tons of money taking your car to a mechanic who takes your money and doesn't fix shit. Yes it took me hours and hours of research and lots of youtube videos. About $150 dollars of parts, for things I needed and things I would eventually need, I saved myself THOUSANDS of dollars in labor for things that really aren't that hard to do yourself. And this is coming from a guy who never really worked on a car before this one, . I have a little more work to do on her (don't they always) but happy to say she's running great, and I never would have done this if not for this device.
  • Thomas W. Johnson, Oct 16, 2019
    Awesome tool. Very easy to use, feels like a quality built product. Highly recommended!
  • Hai Le, Oct 16, 2019
    Ha ha. no... I am a real person, not a bot or a paid reviewer.Highly recommended!

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